Men's Bible Study: Clothed in Righteousness

Jan 8 -Apr 22, Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
SRC Campus (room to be assigned)

In the Bible God asked Adam, "Who told you that you do not have on clothes?" From God's perspective nakedness meant so much more. It meant condemnation and deprivation to his most precious creation-mankind. Though He reconciled Adam's condition by clothing him in coats of lambs' skin, Adam never got over what he had done. Condemnation has dominated ever since. Now we have a more permanent solution. We have been clothed with Christ! Redeemed men who carry the curse of condemnation and deprivation cannot fulfill their purpose as husbands, fathers, community and business leaders-world changers! Adam never gave God a straight answer. It's time to answer that question.

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