FAQ'S about Christianity

How can we be sure God Exists?
Is Christianity Rational?
What about the Validity of Other Religions or Spiritual Paths?
Doesn’t Science Disprove or at Least Contradict the Christian Faith?
How Can a Good, Loving, God Allow So Much Suffering and Evil in the World?
Are Heaven and Hell Real?
Does God Really Send People to Hell?
Why Are There So Many Hypocrites in the Christian Church?


In addition, we suggest the following resources that can aid you in your search:

The Books of Mark or John in the New Testament section of the Bible

The Jesus I Never Knew; Philip Yancey

The Case For Christ; Lee Strobel

The Case For Faith; Lee Strobel

The Case For Creation; Lee Strobel

Evidence That Demands a Verdict; Josh McDowell

The Liquid Bible; Paul Thome

The Secret Message of Jesus; Brian McLaren

The Challenge of Jesus; NT Wright