Pastoral Search Update


Our search for the next senior pastor of Sun River Church continues. AGORA Search Group has engaged with over 100 potential candidates for the position and continues to talk with newly interested candidates weekly. Our intent throughout this process has been to cast a nationwide search and narrow into a smaller group of well-aligned candidates.  From that group, we intend to develop a final candidate group of 2-3 individuals from whom our search team will recommend a senior pastor to the elder board for their approval and submission to the members of the church for confirmation.

While we have had many interested candidates, we have been committed to praying for the Lord’s direction through a deliberative process in which we have resisted the desire to move quickly and instead remained selective until we are confident we have a final group of candidates from whom we will choose.  More recently over the past several weeks, our goal of a final group has gained momentum, and we are increasingly hopeful the search team will be in a position to meet directly with the final candidates in the next several weeks, and then move toward making its final recommendation to the elder board.

While our conversations and timing remain fluid, we are excited about the pending decision and continue to seek the prayers of our church family. We ask the Lord to bless everyone involved in this process: the candidates and their families, Rob Lauer and the team at AGORA, the search team, elder board and our entire Sun River Church family. We ask the Lord to give each person clarity and confident trust in the plan He has designed for us to pursue.