Pastoral Search Update


The Search Team continues to deliberate and move toward its recommendation of our next Senior Pastor to the Elder Board. We are prayerfully hoping to begin scheduling personal interviews with a small group of final candidates in the next several weeks and to be in a position to make our recommendation before the end of the year.

As you know, our team has spent the past year working together, reviewing sermons and individual candidates with Rob Lauer, President of AGORA Search Group. From that combined effort between our team and the AGORA team we are grateful to have considered a terrific group of interested men who are qualified to be Senior Pastor and who are aligned with the vision of our church. Over the next few weeks, Rob Lauer is completing his last, in-depth evaluations with selected individuals from this group and will give us the finalists from whom we will meet and make our recommendation.

Many logistics and detailed conversations will need to come together over this time period. Please continue to pray for our Search Team, the Agora Search Group, the Senior Pastor candidates and their families, our Elder Board, our ministry staff and our entire Sun River Church family as we seek the Lord to make this significant decision together for the next leader of our church.

We’re excited to see His plan revealed!