Resumes in September

We offer different kinds of groups that will meet the unique needs and learning styles of people at different ages, spiritual needs, and seasons of spiritual growth.  These different kinds of groups are:​​​​​​​


Discipleship groups are for people desiring a deeper, intense, short-term, progressive (each lesson builds on the previous lesson) and more structured study of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, spiritual disciplines/practices, and practical Christian living.  Such groups may spend 80-90% of their time in accumulating information or skills, and a smaller percentage of time in relational connection and prayer.


Community groups are for the maintenance and growth of spiritual life in a more relational and practical context.  Typically, community groups devote roughly 50% of their time to study and the other 50% to relationship building, encouragement, prayer and support of group members.


Task Groups are for those involved in serving ministries (i.e. elders, youth staff, 2nd Friday meals, etc.).  While these groups spend some time in spiritual growth activities, their main purpose for meeting is to strategize, plan, pray for, and execute ministry tasks in the life of the church.


Support Groups are designed to support and encourage those struggling with addictions, personal dysfunctions, and “recovery” issues.  For these groups, most of their time is spent in sharing, caring, and accountability based activities.

For a listing of all our small groups, pick up our brochure Growing Smaller at the Information Center on Sunday mornings. For more specific information, contacPaul Thome.