"Come Together" Fall 2019 Transition Update


As we move into a new season of community together, we wanted to keep you updated on changes taking place at SRC this Fall!

Aug 2019

The staff and elders have been praying and discussing ways we can better bring the people of Sun River Church together. As a result of these discussions, we have decided that we are going to temporarily experiment with holding just one public service on Sundays at 10:45 am. All Life Stage Groups will meet at 9:00 am in their respective classrooms. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been meeting with many of our key ministry leaders in all ministry areas on this and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We propose that we do this for one season (September – December). Our projected start date for this change is Sunday September 1st, 2019. While we realize there will be logistical challenges and personal transitions this shift creates for many, we also believe the benefits of doing this far outweigh the inconveniences. Below is the rationale and some of the benefits we see to this four-month shift.


- Bring everyone together as one church body for a season – facilitating connection and community with others in the church we don’t usually have the opportunity to “rub shoulders with”.

- Fill up the auditorium. Having the auditorium less than half full in each service is a major obstacle to growth - especially demotivating for new visitors and those who are unchurched.

- Greater energy and enthusiasm in our public gatherings.

- Consolidate staff resources and opens opportunities for involvement in other ministries.

- Allows us to make healthy ministry shifts.

- Simplifies ministries, allowing us to refresh overworked volunteers and cross-train in ministries.

- Expose and impassion new people to opportunities to serve within Children’s Ministries.

- Preparation. Prepares ministry ground and prepares us for a new Lead Pastor to come on board.


- All Life Stage Groups will move to the 9:00 am hour – including Middle School and High School.

- Children’s Ministries will continue to offer two programming hours for Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary age children at 9:00am and 10:45 am just as they are currently programming them.

Our ask of you is that you hang in there with us and enjoy the ride! We will learn new things, experience Jesus and each other in new ways, and hopefully become even more healthy as a community of Christ followers. We encourage your continued feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Finally, jump in to help us make this season successful and effective. 

**One of the most important things you can do is volunteer to serve in Children’s Ministries during this season! The spiritual growth and health of our children is too important to treat them as an afterthought. They deserve to get our focus and attention, as they represent our future.


With Sun River Church going through significant transitions over the past six months and into the next six months, we are reassessing some of our outreach attempts and seeking to consolidate, sharpen, and allocate our resources to create the greatest impact with what God has given us. We will keep you posted on these events as we approach each one this fall. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!


Over the course of the fall, you will begin to see efforts to update our facilities in some minor, but significant ways including: updating our lobby area, updating our restrooms, and repurposing spaces that can be used more efficiently for ministries. We hope you’ll like the changes and that they will help us present a better first impression for those who visit and who are seeking to develop a real, living faith in Christ.