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I would like to take a minute to respond to the current state of our country. We are a gospel-centered church. We believe there are two responses to the current issues: prayer and the gospel.

Several weeks ago, on our live stream, I led the congregation through a prayer for George Floyd's’ family, the injustice in our country, our law enforcement, and our community, and asked you to continue to pray. We believe this is the first and most important response.

Our second response to the racial divide in our country is the gospel. The gospel changes hearts. Social issues do not go away until hearts are changed by the gospel. Because we follow Jesus there is no space for anger, prejudice, pride, fear, hatred, or racism.

We need to make the gospel visible through loving others. Let us together seek compassion, guidance, and humility. Let us pray for peace. Let us pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ would be made known to all people and may we, as a church, continue to proclaim the gospel in love.

Your servants in Christ,

Lead pastor Andy Matzke
and the Elder Board

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