Covenant Membership Class

Learn what it means to be a Covenant Member at Sun River Church!

"What is Covenant Membership? What is the purpose and mission of the Church? How do I fit into the Church?" - We will answer these questions and more as we walk through the biblical principles that drive how we live out the "one another" commands together at Sun River Church.

"What does Sun River believe? What does Sun River Church preach and teach?" - Understanding God and his mission is imperative for the Christian life!  We will discuss the theology and doctrines of Sun River, including a review of our Statement of Faith, and several key Doctrinal Distinctives that are especially relevant today.

"What does it mean to be a part of the Body of Christ? What are my spiritual gifts? I want to serve, but how and where?" As Christ-followers, God uses titles for us like "body" and "family."  This unique relationship is best expressed by showing our love for one another by serving one another!
Some additional notes:
The Covenant Membership class is required for membership.
Applications will be available at the class.
Lunch will be provided.
Childcare available by request.