Beloved here at Sun River Church,

As we continue to pursue God’s glory by helping people find and follow Jesus, the crucial question today is this: Looking to the next 40 years, how can we best steward the blessings God has given us here on the corner of Sunrise and Trinity River?

Over 40 years ago a few men were led by God to build this church, believing God would use it to share His Gospel and change lives. God has used this place to draw people closer to Himself. I personally have 23 years of memories witnessing to God’s glory, comfort, love, and compassion at Sun River Church. And I know you have stories about this place as well, whether you are newly attending or have been here even longer than I have. This is a place of life-transforming stories!

Looking to the next 40 years, it’s time to do some rebuilding of our campus with a vision of continuing to help people find and follow Jesus.
For God’s Glory,

~ Andy Matzke

Phase One

Site & Hardscape

Estimated - $3 Million

Phase Two

Family Life Center

Estimated - $3.75 Million

Phase Three

Education Building

Estimated - $2 Million

Phase Four

Sanctuary & Admin Building

Estimated - $3.85 Million

Master Plan

The in-depth master plan document goes over Sun River Church's background, objective, and building plan for each phase of the all-new campus refresh. In addition to giving Sun River a more appealing campus, the rebuild plans have been optimized to allow for every ministry to operate smoothly and efficiently in serving our one, resolute mission: Helping People Find & Follow Jesus.

Financial Pledge Card

We are asking each person or family who considers Sun River Church their church home to complete a pledge card and return it in a Sunday morning offering or to the church office by December 31, 2023. We have intentionally not asked for your name to be included. Instead, we will be trusting the Lord to direct each of us individually to prayerfully make this commitment.

If you want to speak with anyone about your commitment or have any questions, please feel free to note that on the back of the card, and we will be happy to follow up with you!

Questions or Comments?

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