Biblical Counseling

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22

We believe that God gave us the bible and when properly understood and applied, it sufficiently reveals to believers the need for Christ. The bible tells us how to honor God regardless of our circumstances.

We believe the bible is the authoritative source with which all claims, including science and history, need to be evaluated. As a result, we reject counseling theories that use hypotheses, beliefs, and approaches that are not consistent with the proper interpretation of biblical text.

We believe that authentic change is completely determined and given by the Holy Spirit. As a result, our view of counseling exercises focuses on the significance of prayer, reliance on God, and a comprehensive knowledge of God’s word when ministering to people. 

Group Care


You don't have to go through the grieving process alone.

Be Transformed:
Addiction Care Group

Addiction is a painful experience for individuals, their loved ones, and church communities. Most addicts don’t set out to become an addict. Yet despite all the warnings we hear about, people become addicted to drugs, alcohol, and more. Our addiction recovery group focuses on God’s Word, the Bible, and gets to the “heart” of the matter by informing us what mind-altering substances do to the heart. Through this program, it is our hope that people come to know how deeply God cares about you and created us for much more than the pit of addiction.

Individual Care

Biblical Counseling is the process of utilizing the power the God’s word to help people in every aspect of their lives. Biblical counseling is beneficial when people are struggling under the effects of personal sin and suffering. The goal of counseling is that people might make authentic internal changes that are pleasing to God.
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