1.2.22 The Heart of the Matter

Jan 2, 2022    Jim Boyd

Why do you serve God? Why are you here today? God measures our heart using several standards:

•Loyalty (II Chronicles 16:9)
oOur focus will be tested
oOur friends will test us
oOur life will test us

•Treasures Matthew 6:19-21
oTwo of our treasures: time and money
oIs your time and money primarily focused on earthly values?
oBuild a treasure chest of eternal value.

•Speech (Proverbs 16:23)
oYour tongue is the tattletale of your heart.

•God’s Word (Luke 8:15)
oOur response to God's Word gives clear signs of our heart’s condition.
oA good heart produces fruit.

•Worship (Matthew 15:8-9)
oDo we truly worship God?
oDo we want expressions from the heart or traditions from the head?

Search your heart and learn to live an inside-out life.