Yakhal: He is Hope

Nov 28, 2021    Andy Matzke

The world Is desperately looking for hope.

Main Point: The believer’s hope is tied to what has happened in the past and the gift of God in us.

We have peace. (5:1)
We stand in grace. (5:2)
We rejoice in the glory of God. (5:2-3)
We rejoice in how hope is produced. (5:3-4)
We know a love like no other love. (5:5)
Application: Three basic discipleship truths new believers need to know, and faithful followers should never forget.

1. God’s priority is not to take away all of your problems; it’s to make you like Jesus.
2. God’s purposes can be trusted.
3. God’s pattern can be anticipated: afflictions—endurance— character—hope.