He is Worthy

Dec 26, 2021    Chris Ireland

When you behold the King, what is your response?

Main Point: Jesus is Worthy to be worshiped

1.Jesus is the MESSIAH and deserves to be WORSHIPED.
2.Jesus is WORTHY to be worshiped by ALL NATIONS.
3.God WEILDS the universe to ACCOMPLISH His goals – to make His Son KNOWN and WORSHIPED.
4.Jesus is TROUBLING to people who do NOT want to worship him.

Application: Worshiping Jesus means: Joyfully Attributing Authority and Dignity to Christ with Sacrificial Gifts.

1. Attributing Authority – v. 2
2. Attributing Dignity – v. 11a
3. Doing so Joyfully – v. 10
4. With Sacrificial Gifts – v. 11b