Jim Meyers    Revelation Chapter 1
The very first words John writes in this book are 'the revelation of Jesus Christ'. When we hear the word revelation, we often think of a light bulb turning on in our heads. But the word that is translated 'revelation' is more than just an idea. It means to uncover, to take out of hiding, to disclose, or to cause something to be fully known. And the phrase 'the revelation OF Jesus Christ' has two meanings. First, it is a revelation that is all ABOUT Jesus. He is the one being revealed to us. We need to know Him more and more! We want to know more about who He is: His character, His love, His gentleness and even His sharpness that penetrates our hearts. But also, this is a revelation FROM Jesus himself. He is the one who reveals things to us, uncovering sins that we tend to ignore or even cover up intentionally. Are you ready for Jesus to reveal some things in your life and in your heart that may not even be fully known to you yet?
Notice in verse 4 and 8 of chapter 1, that this revelation is from 'him who is and who was and who is to come'. God has had a plan from the beginning to form a people for himself. This is something he continues to do today and will be on-going until he comes again. So, we know that Jesus not only wants to reveal things to you individually, but also to us as a whole church. In verse 6, His people are called a kingdom of priests. May we as a church submit to His loving rule as King of our lives.