Students & Young Adults

Echo Junior High Group

Sunday Mornings | 9:00 am | Family Center

Echo JHG exists to reach junior high students with the truth of God’s word. Our desire is to see young men and women devote their lives to Christ and grow in their understanding of what Christ has done and to obey all He has commanded. Through games, small groups, and genuine conversations our goal is to build strong relationships and share the love of Christ. 

Xeno High School Group

Sunday Mornings | 9:00 am | Student Ministries

We are XENO High School Group. We are considered outsiders - strangers of this world because we know we're citizens of another. Because of that, Hebrews says that God is not ashamed to be called our God. We believe that when we embrace the good news of Jesus Christ, our citizenship becomes in heaven and not in this temporal and fleeting world we live in. Although we long for that world, we live as ambassadors of Christ while we are here.

YAG Young Adults Group

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